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1 Boost sales

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Making open-source work for you and for your business

By putting about a dozen of enterprise-class web applications ranging from accounting, CRM and HRM to DMS, BPM and project management, at your disposal, with on-premise or cloud hosting.

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Starting from business analysis and proof of concept to project completion, we will see to it that you receive the most satifactory service and solution.

More than 66% of IT projects are not successfully completed in terms of on-time delivery, cost and quality parameters. With proper process management and compliance to industry-accepted governance frameworks, Arcler's IT Consulting is thriving to meet day-to-day challenges, and ensure successful delivery of IT projects. 

Here is Arcler's 6-step Software Services and IT Consulting Process:


Preliminary Assessment

We interview you, or your business analyst(s) to obtain the minimum requirements for a proof of concept. If you lack a business analyst, we can provide one to work with your concerned business unit(s).

Proof of Principal / Concept

Based on the initial assessment and analysis, we develop a proof of principal or proof of concept (PoC) which will be a demo of our solution for the problem(s) to solve identified in the business analysis or the creative briefing. Our PoC will give you an idea how our solution will be successful in accomplishing your goal.

Proposal of SoW and Planning

We define the scope of work to present you along with a project plan for your approval. You or your appointed project manager can confirm or refine the plan. If you do not have a project manager, Arcler can provide one for you.

Plan Execution and Implementation

We design and implement the solution as defined in the scope of work in accordance with the project plan. In agile projects, the necessary iterations, tests, process reviews and refinements take place as necessary. The completed tasks are also documented for inclusion in the project deliverables.

Testing and Validation

In agile projects, testing and validation take place at every iteration of implementation. Arcler prescribes testing phases such as unit tests, system tests, usability tests, and user acceptance tests . The life-cycle of smaller or non-agile projects can be limited to two iterations. Upon passing all tests and validation, and your approval, the project can move to the delivery stage.


Upon completion of all validations of tests and documentation, we reach the delivery stage where the deliverables (documentation, operating instructions, any resulting digital products) of the performed work will be handed over to you or your concerned department, our consulting contract will be signed off, and a service-level agreement between you and Arcler will be signed if desired.