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Making open-source work for you and for your business

By putting about a dozen of enterprise-class web applications ranging from accounting, CRM and HRM to DMS, BPM and project management, at your disposal, with on-premise or cloud hosting.

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Who We Are

Vision to Value. This is not just our tagline, it's what drives us. It's how we deliver solutions and services. It also defines our commitment to you.
In essence, it's needed now more than ever.

Arcler is a software company that specializes in delivery of database design, development, management and administration tools, database-driven software development, and data migration services especially those involving switching server platforms.

Company Name Disambiguation

Founded by Gökhan Ozar, Arcler Ltd is incorporated in the UK under section 1115 of the Companies Act 2006 as a private company registered with the company number 10560086 and authenticated by the Registrar of Companies for England and Wales.

We are not related with ArclerPress or Arcler Desk and have no affiliation whatsoever with these organizations.



The software technology is in continual evolution and is transforming the way businesses operate at an accelerating, faster rate than ever.

This constant change bears problems with increasing costs. Some of the problems in the IT market we aim to address are

  • Substantial Software Consulting Costs
  • Substantial IT Training Costs
  • Inefficiency in IT training
  • Complexity of Enterprise Software
  • SOA projects are desired, but unaffordable for many SMEs

With its mission to aid corporations and SMEs modernise their software, improve their processes, reduce IT complexities, minimise software development and maintenance costs, Arcler is a dynamic customer-result-oriented IT consulting company with

  • Lower Consulting Fees
  • Diverse industry and segment expertise
  • Innovative methodologies that enable both Arcler and its customers attain low-cost solutions for high-quality deliverables
  • Creative and innovative methods in IT training
  • Strict business conduct principles and compliance policies.

Summary of Arcler's Solutions

  • eCommerce-enabled website design and web application development projects
  • Aid corporations in fulfilling their SOA-based (service-oriented architecture) enterprise software projects by providing them with scarce skills and simplified-solutions for consulting and training on Java EE development, and automated process management solutions like BPM and ODM.
  • Help SMEs in need of an intermediate to advanced software technology stack (e.g. e-commerce store, online booking, customer loyalty management, retention, reseller and agency compensation systems).
  • Help startups on low-budget to adopt business software such as CRM, HRM, DMS, Billing, Project Management, Accounting, and even BPM.
  • Effective IT training solutions to increase the efficiency of individuals, and organizations they're working for.


  • Development
  • eCommerce
  • Migration
  • Java EE
  • Training

Our Software Services and IT Consulting Process


We interview you or your business analyst(s) to obtain the minimum requirements for a proof of concept or proof of principal.


We develop and present a proof of concept (PoC) or principal which will be a demo of the solution of the problem(s).


We define a scope of work to present to you along with a project plan for your approval. You or your project manager can refine it as needed.


We implement the solution as defined in the scope of work in accordance with the project plan. The completed tasks are also documented to be included in the deliverables.


Testing and validation take place at every iteration. We prescribe testing phases as needed such as unit tests, system tests, usability tests, and user acceptance tests...


All deliverables of the performed work handed over to you, or your concerned department, the contract is signed off, and an SLA is signed if desired.


Started up in the UK, our vision is to serve customers worldwide based on our extensive know-how, and international project experience, and multi-lingualism.


Arcler combines developer creativity and artistic design, with process engineering to achieve successful, high-performance, and cost-effective solution delivery.